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Most parents know how difficult it can be for young people to transition from high school to college or career training successfully. There are so many challenges — social, academic, spiritual, financial, and emotional. It can be a make-or-break time for many young people.

Resources to equip young people during this crucial period, even for those who haven’t come from broken homes or painful pasts, are vital. It’s a widespread need that affects young adults from all walks of life.

Unashamed is focused on building providing a safe home for youth and young adults to transition from foster care into what we consider the real world.

Through the Genesis Home, we will provide support for each young person’s goals, whether they want to attend college or learn a skilled trade. We pay for their housing and provide mentors for them. We will support them with practical life skills, education and unwavering, personal, academic and professional guidance.

We will also hold them accountable. When our young people enter the Genesis Home, they will have to agree to meet established milestones and criteria along the way. They will have to do this throughout their lives, so we will teach them this all-important skill now.